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Let Go Getter administration software do the heavy work for you. Manage your administration, project management and client follow-up from one platform. Start today and take control of your administration.

Get control of your administration

Go Getter helps funeral directors just like you with their daily administration. Manage your billing, projects, scheduling, expenses and finances from one platform that you can use on any device. Convenient, right? 1000+ others went before you. Start today and take control of your administration.

What Go Getter can do for funeral directors

With our platform, you digitize and centralize all your documents and information effortlessly. Automate the loading of receipts and invoices and save time and effort.
Tracking invoices no longer has to be an obstacle for your business with our accounting link. Simply forward your invoices to your accountant and save time and effort. Our software makes it easy and ensures smooth processing.
Get a clear overview of your company’s performance with Go Getter’s dashboard! Quickly and easily view your schedule, revenue and other important metrics so you can always make the best decisions for your business. Stay up-to-date and stay in control!
Easily view outstanding invoices and automatically track payments thanks to our Codabox connection. Send payment reminders quickly with our handy reminder system and keep your business running smoothly!

Every mortician’s favorite tools!

Whether you are just starting out, or are already familiar with software, we are happy to personally guide you through the process with our award-winning Go Getter Support Service.

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