Go Getter for start-ups

Start your business with a solid administrative foundation and let your dreams run wild. With our platform, you easily manage your customers, leads, offers, invoices, emails, calendar and payments, all from one platform.

Start-up younger than 1 year? Get a free 12-month trial

As a start-up, you can now take advantage of our offer for a free one-year subscription to Go Getter, our powerful administration software that simplifies and optimizes your business processes. Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up for a free, no-obligation demo today!

What Go Getter can do for start-ups

Thanks to Go Getter, you process your invoicing a lot faster and get paid with a single click. Go Getter allows you to format all invoices with your own professional templates. Consult and send them online, send a payment reminder when needed.
Always keep an overview of your projects, wherever you are. Preparation, execution and aftercare: all in one platform. With our “projects” module you can easily prepare all your projects, big or small!
With Go Getter, you have a real-time overview of all income and expenses in your business. We’ll make sure you never lose a cabinet ticket again, with our Go Getter expenses app you’ll save everything in no time. Link your accountant’s software and manage everything in one platform.

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